Hakka Village

Date: May 2016

Status: Concept

Area: 250 m²

Location: Hong Kong

Role: Designer

TEA was invited to visit this Hakka Village in Hong Kong. We are specifically studying how to use this green by the entrance as a communal space for events, performances and outdoor cinema. The 'stage' is a timber / bamboo deck on top of gabion (using abandoned rocks / bricks in the village). The 'benches' are mobile boxes coming in 3 sizes, and the smaller ones can be slotted into the biggest box for storage. The 3 model images illustrate 3 scenerios: 'Formal' performance on the decking, 'Informal' performance using the benches as a stage facing the traditional houses, and a 'Park' with benches on decking with views of the public square and greenery outside the wall. The decking connects to the house at the end, which acts as a preparation and storage room. The benches are proposed to be plastic and fitted with LED to glow in the dark like art pieces.


Inside the village, there are some open spaces beside the uphill path which we feel can become the missing and much-needed semi-open, semi-private / semi-public spaces. We designed a canopy expressing the outline of Hakka houses made of bamboo poles,  providing shading and a space for locals and tourists to take a rest. Potentially it can be used as a Sunday market, tea-house or simply a place to gather.



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