Bamboo Hub

Date: May 2016

Status: Competition

Area: 40,000 m² (Site)

Location: Fujian, China

Role: Strategist & Architect

Our aim is to bring different people together through ‘Bamboo’: not just as an architectural material or technique, but as a catalyst to generate sustainable development and extra value for the village community. The programs include:

1. The Maker’s Centre: Village market, Offices and Workshops.
2. The Bridge inn and Campsite.
3. The ‘Trail’ along the scenic water channel.

Staying at a rural inn to experience local culture and nature is the trend in China now. Many new rural hotels, and B&B are being built. We do not approach this competition as such, because we want to think of other ways to bring long term value to the community. Tourism is a key but the community does not have to survive on that. Firstly, the trail provides better accessibility for the villagers.


The workshop allows artists, outsiders and locals to learn from each other and make art + furniture, which function as a ‘maker / hacker / open learning space’. Works are sold in the village market, shipped nationwide and worldwide. Modern standard offices (open desks and meeting rooms) are shared by the locals and outsiders. Working in the inn and selling souvenirs to the tourists are not the only options. If this rural tourism trend dies down, this community can still carry on.

All the sites are connected via a bamboo trail along the scenic water channel. The trail starts from inter-village square at the south, experiencing natural fields, woods and lakes, through to central market square and floating Artist Workshop, and ends at Bridge Inn clubhouse at the North. It also bridges the three village settlements located at the East and the West ends.

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